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You are Eyra, a young warrior priestess from a barbarian tribe that's been attacked by the Infernal Marauder, an evil warrior ruler from a far away land. You must travel away from the world you know into dark and unfamiliar lands with the sole company of your trusty familiar - a brave crow trained for combat.

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AuthorSecond Dimension R&T, LLC
TagsNES (Nintendo Entertainment System), NES ROM


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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este juego deberia estar en steam

We're working on it :)

Any chance this could release on Steam in the near future? Paypal isn't an option for me.

It's possible we'll have it up there once we get all the versions finished up :)

All in one package or something like Sega's Genesis /Mega Drive collection? Either way, I do look forward to it. So which versions do you have left to complete? Also, have you reached out to GOG about trying to get your games on there? I think they're wanting to get back to their roots with older games, so it's possible something like this might work well on there even if though it wasn't made in the previous century. Anyway, I'll wish you the best of luck with this game.

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Yeah, an all in 1 package.
I reached out to GoG a while back, but they told me that our games didn't fit their criteria, so they weren't interested. They could've changed their minds, though.

The only version left to complete is the SNES version :)

Bummer about GOG. There's some gems I encountered on Steam that aren't on GOG, so I guess their standards do cause them to miss out.

As for the SNES version, if its all that's left, then it's sounding like you're far along.

Yeah! We're at the beta phase and are just working out the bugs and tweaking some stuff. I'm hoping it's finished very soon!